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This month has been pretty busy for me in terms of getting settled and organised. The reality that I have to start earning a living from my art has finally sunk in! Being a self employed artist is not easy and for those of you who are brave enough to follow your passion and dreams, I applaud you! The road is long, the climb is a steep and for many of us, it will prove too much.
I believe the journey I am on is not just for me, and that is why I feel it is important that I share it. By documenting my story, my ups and downs in this coming year, I believe it will help many of you in different ways, more ways that I will probably every know!
All I hope, is that my journey inspires you to follow your own dreams!

I thrive on a challenge and I know I have the talent and ability to bring my dreams to fruition! You really have to believe in what you are doing 100% otherwise you will fail.  You have to hold your passion in order to succeed, and take every opportunity which comes your way. Have faith in your abilty, hold your passion, be dedicated, committed and devoted to your calling! If you do all of that you , YOU WILL SUCCEED! I KNOW THAT! I BELIEVE IT!

Moving into my new Studio Space

So I finally moved into my new studio space. In this building there are 8 other artist studios , some are lockable and some are more open plan. I really like the space i have because it is pretty private and to look inside you really have to step into the space. I also love it because it has a huge window which always keeps the space pretty bright (something which i am not use to). It is a perfect size for me to start with and I should be able to produce a lot of work here! It has a great feel about the space, light, relaxed and airy. I also have 24 hour access and there is a 7 Eleven downstairs on the corner, so if i am painting late and need a coffee or something to eat then i don't have far to go. I am going to buy myself a kettle and a microwave too LOL

I picked up the keys on Saturday and started moving some of my stuff in, I still have another car load of materials and art to transport but that will happen this weekend hopefully. So now i can get cracking!
I would love to hear your thoughts :)

Upcoming Group Urban Art Show at the Brunswick Street Gallery

So my first group show in Melbourne Australia is coming up on the 16th of March, and it is going to be at the Brunswick Street Gallery (Just click the highlight to go to their website).
I have not decided how many works i will be putting into the show but hopefully will be around 10 artworks. I have until the 14th to finalise works, so I guess I will be burning the candle to get them resolved!
I am pretty happy with how the works are developing especially since i haven't really painted for the last few months (due to my moving to Australia) but so far so good!
The opening is on friday the 16th of March at 6pm, so if you are in Melbourne and can make it, I would appreciate the support :)

Stencil Store and New works for sale

So last week I finally got a chance to put up some artworks for sale! I also opened up a stencil store where you can purchase and download some of the many designs i have created over the last 7 years!
Thank you to those of you who have since purchased artworks and stencils, I really appreciate the support! It has allowed me to go out and buy more materials etc!
I will be adding more stencil designs over this coming year and if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me!
Also if you would like me to make a stencil portrait of either yourself or a family member/ pet then get in touch for a quote ( All you need to do is send me a photograph and leave the rest to me! ;)

The Pulse of Mixed Media 

 _Seth Apter's book 'The Pulse of mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed' has now been offically released.
As many of you are aware I am one of the 31 lucky artists to be spotlighted in the book!
This month (march) on Seth's Blog 'The Altered Page' he is featuring daily the 31 invited/spotlighted artists from the book, so please check out his blog if you would like to find out more about the 31 spotlighted artists! I am scheduled for the 26th! So look out for my 2 cents worth!
So just click on the highted sites below to go directly to where you can purchase your copy. It is definitely a great book to get your hands on especially if you are a mixed media artist. It is now shipping from Amazon, North Light, and Barnes & Noble

Have a great week and remember to take your passion and make it happen!



03/05/2012 6:25pm

Hi Gary, looking good, I wish you much success in your new studio, It looks like a great space. So now (as my mother used to say)it is time to get bleedin on with it! Which I am sure you will with gusto!

03/06/2012 2:04am

Thanks Mo and yes it is time to get bleedin on with it! LOL

Sandra Henderson
03/05/2012 7:58pm

Wow Gary, this is great. Very accessible, lots of light, elevated (which i love) and food and coffee nearby:) Great idea to get the kettle and microwave - will be less expensive and you can stay on the job. Would there be room for a small bar fridge? You could sit the microwave on top. If i lived nearby i would come and paint all your walls white for you but you have lots of lovely natural light coming in and you might prefer your 'rustic' walls anyway lol! Love your studio and wish you the very best Gaz! xo

03/06/2012 2:06am

Hey Sandra,
There would definitely be room for a small bar fridge! We must think a like cause i was thinking the same thing with a Microwave on top! he he :) Feel free to call in anytime :)

03/06/2012 8:53pm

I am thrilled you are in your new studio. I love the location and the window is wonderful. So cool to have a community of artists in the building. Creative energy flowing...they are fortunate to have you in the space. Keep posting photos. You're such an inspiration. I love hearing your stories, You keep me brave and I have been painting almost everyday since I joined LMM. Thanks.
Hey, didn't know you were in Seth's book. I've been following the 31 days/artists and will certainly look forward to your day. Congrats.

03/06/2012 10:34pm

Hey Gary !
I m so happy for you !! Your new studio is amasing with these windows and all that space :)..Moreover.. work with other artists nearby will be a good thing for you I m sure.. it gives a lot of creativ energy..
I hope you are doing "well"..

03/17/2012 4:51pm

Hi Gary - been watching your videos for a while now- they are fun to watch. Thank you for sharing all your tips / info so willingly. I have let a friend know to keep any eye out for you in Melbourne should you have an art exhibition.
Keep up the fantastic work. Your positive and enthusiastic approach is addictive. Cheers Isa

03/19/2012 8:28pm

A wonderful art space! And So wonderful to see positive things for you again. Missing your YouTube videos like crazy! hope you feel inspired to make one soon! Love watching you work through a painting and the process you go through. You are an inspiration for so many and a source of joy and laughter in this house! Thank you for giving so much.


You look better than ever .. good luck .stay independent it is the real freeing of the mind.

03/26/2012 2:15am

The new studio space looks great, love the window and the light that comes in. You should definitely have some fun in there. Congrats on being one of the featured artists in Seth's book. I loved reading it and felt honored to have a piece of my artwork included among the pages. Loved your self portrait and the way you've used a bird in the image.

Carol Weiler
03/26/2012 7:57am

you are an inspiration to artists to follow their passion. Best of luck!

03/26/2012 8:50am

Very exciting to see you highlighted as artist for today in Seth's 31/31. Your work is brilliant and it is wonderful and amazing how you continue to impact other artist's creative journey. Simply put: you're the King of mixed media!

03/26/2012 9:13am

Kudos on sharing your journey. The studio seems to be an excellent space for creativity. Congratulations on inclusion in Seth's book.

bev langby
03/26/2012 7:33pm

Gary delighted to see u are one of the wonderful artists in Seth's book its where u should be u are such an inspiration to so many and i wish u all good things...

hugz bev

Barbara I.
03/27/2012 1:15pm

Thanks for sharing pics of your new studio space and congrats on being an artist in Seth's book. I read about you on his blog and am glad to have found you. Good luck in your new ventures!

Kat Fuller
03/28/2012 4:58am

Just stumbled upon you, what an inspiration!! Good Luck with your new space, hopefully some day, when it is my "season" I will have one as well...

03/30/2012 8:19pm

Gary, so good to see you in Seth's book. Most deservedly so! Your new studio looks great with that big window to let in the Australian light. I'm going to look at some more of your utube vids now.

03/31/2012 6:36pm

I just came upon your tin foil workshop on youtube and before I knew it I was drawn into yiur blog. You are an inspiration! I want you remind you that it is ok to have down days and feel doubt...those are great opportunities to dig deep and pull your awesome creativity to the surface!! I look forward to following your journey. jody-Michigan, USA

04/12/2012 8:15pm

I'm so glad you're settling in. I so miss your videos though.

04/16/2012 8:47pm

Hey Gary,
Oh studio space looks awesome... good luck with everything, you are in the right city for it! Happy creating :)
Cheers Donna

annie gardiner
04/17/2012 4:58am

Really love your work gary have had a lovely inspiring morning learning some of your tips and tricks :) thankyou

04/21/2012 1:36am

I'm hitching a virtual ride on this journey with you. Looks like fun! I am glad to 're-find' your art and LMM site again after a long wander of the track. Best wishes for your new life across the ditch.

04/30/2012 1:18pm

Wow. I just caught up on all of your blog posts from the first of the year. Your writing is beautiful! And thank you for sharing your journey with all of us; it's inspiring and I feel like I'm right there with you. Which I am - in spirit. Go Gary!!! (Cool studio! Lots of light is really really good!)

05/07/2012 10:33am

Glad to see things are going well for you Gary. Any plans to get back to making videos for YouTube? Really miss them!

05/17/2012 4:34pm

Great blog! Love reading about your new studio and how things are progressing! Good luck with everything.

06/06/2012 5:59am

Hey Gar..haven't heard from you in a while...hope all is well and whatnot. Love the "new" studio space :)

09/26/2012 12:45am

Hi Gary,
I just found your techniques tutorials online, and they were amazing. I love your work, and am so inspired by your journey and passion. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life. I look forward to reading your future blogs, and am inspired to follow my dreams. Thank you!


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